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It's time
to Awake Your Soul

Are you tired of feeling tired? 

Are you juggling "all the things" and not juggling them well?

Do you feel like special moments in life are passing you by? 

Are you struggling to be in the moment and to find your inner peace? 

Do you feel like you are meant to do more, be a better version of yourself?


Would you like to make alcohol less significant in your life? 

Are you an overall healthy person but feel like alcohol keeps sabotaging your progress?

Do you have a desire to cut back your drinking but find it hard to "find" the right time?


What if you could feel calmer, more peace?

What if you could focus on what's in front of you and actually get more done in your day?

What if you slept through the night and looked forward to the next day?

What if you had confidence to tackle life's stress head on and check things off your list?

What if alcohol became less important, or irrelevant in your life?


What if you could unlock your potential and tap into your creativity to do things differently? Better..

What if you could awake your soul? 

How I Can Help You

It's hard to break free from the patterns we have built in our lives that we're so used to, they're engrained in our core. Over time, we develop deep-seated beliefs that shape our experiences. These beliefs become self-limiting, holding us back from being the truest version of ourselves we can be. As humans, we continue to do things because we think we're getting benefits. 

Come on a journey of self-discovery through listening to my podcast and taking part in numerous Mastermind webinars where I'll share my experiences, best practices and teachings from the proven methodology of Annie Grace and This Naked Mind.  

My mission through this work is to help others reconnect with their own personal power, so that they may achieve and accomplish what is important to them in their lives and increase their overall sense of wellbeing and aliveness. My intention is for anyone who connects with my words and my experiences is to feel empowered and "in action" - creating their lives by design, rather than default. 


Through breaking down your self-limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can change your alcohol narrative. You can transform your life to get your zest back and awake your soul. My action-based podcast and webinars will give you steps to explore the healthy relationship with alcohol you desire to reach your goals with how you envision alcohol fitting into your life, or not. 

I truly believe going alcohol-free or taking a break from alcohol is the gateway to unleashing all your potential. It's the single most impactful domino that has the power to knock all other pieces of your life into place. My work will bring forth many topics spanning wellness and how we can evolve to live our best lives. 


You deserve to be the best version of YOU, without limits.

Ready to hear more? Subscribe now so I know you're interested! Can't wait to share more with you soon.  



Marcie played a key role in my journey to becoming alcohol free. I was not satisfied with the life I was living while drinking alcohol, even in moderation, but taking the steps to removing it from my life also proved challenging. With Marcie's guidance, I was able to process the complex feelings I had around alcohol (and socializing without it) in a safe, understanding space. Marcie helped me to name my feelings, struggles and accomplishments, and set goals moving forward. Now, I have a toolbox filled with resources when I feel a challenge in my journey. I am so grateful for Marcie's wisdom and support.

- Sara J  

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