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I've found a superpower that I want to share

Life is too short to not have the drink!

If I could just get through __(insert occasion)_______, then I’ll cut back.

How many times have you said that? How many times has there been a wedding coming up, a big presentation due at work, a big night out with friends planned, a birthday, a holiday, a funeral, blah blah blah….keep going because if your life is anything like mine, the list never ends.


I was always waiting for the right moment, the right time to cut back how many occasions I was splurging with the booze and I used all those occasions as justifications to indulge. Who doesn’t drink at weddings? Who doesn’t drink to calm themselves when the work stress hits? Who doesn’t drink to make them a little more relaxed as a parent at night? Here and there I would take small couple week or 30-day breaks, or only allow drinks on weekends but by and large, I drank for all the occasions.

Problem was, the occasions never stopped. In fact, I would have been hard pressed to find a single occasion in my life that I wasn’t “enjoying” alcohol. My friends circle drinks at every occasion, and all of life stressors only add comfort to the long list of reasons we feel like we need or deserve to drink.


The truth is, I should have felt joyful, and I should have felt content. I had just turned 40 and celebrated my birthday with amazing family and friends in Las Vegas. I was happily married, had a great career and an amazing 7-year old daughter. So why wasn’t I content? Why did I feel like there had to be more to life? I felt run down, I felt exhausted. I was trying to juggle “all the things”. Trying to equally balance a very high-stress job, work travel, being a parent, spouse, friend, daughter. My anxiety was through the roof and if I’m honest, I think I was in a dark cloud of depression that I didn’t recognize at the time. Even one glass of wine at night would send me into a tailspin of an anxious hamster wheel, it was a constant feeling that precious moments of life were slipping me by. I never felt fully in the moment and I had a hard time focusing on what was in front of me. I was always thinking about something in the past or worrying about something in the future. At the same time, I was trying to make choices in my life to be super healthy; like removing toxins from my home, working out, eating whole, nutrient-rich foods, so why didn’t I FEEL good and why didn’t I recognize myself?

Once I got back from my birthday celebration, I had an inner pull. I knew I wasn’t myself. I had lost my zest for ME and I was looking for something to awake my soul. I had had numerous discussions with my husband that maybe alcohol was contributing to how negative I was feeling, but I didn’t want to believe it. It had been my buddy throughout all of adulthood and like I said, everyone drinks for EVERYTHING. So it couldn’t be that…

Then something changed in me. The inner pull started to feel like a nag, it started to pique a curiosity in me to start looking for others who had made the untrusted leap. I was immediately moved to see so many stories of people who took a break from alcohol and had life-changing positive results. Could this really be true? I kept digging. I kept learning. I took the leap.


Fast forward from October 2019 to present day. I’m living an alcohol-free life and IT’S SO MUCH BETTER. I am calmer. I am content. I feel real joy. My anxiety is almost non-existent. I enjoy all the social occasions even more than I did before, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. But the most amazing benefit of all, I AM PRESENT to live my life, the only life we get. Not only am I focused on what’s in front of me, I am able to tune in to simple joys in life. I feel alive. To me, this is priceless.

If you would have told the old me that I would radically change my life and completely remove alcohol, I would have said you were crazy. But after exploring and taking breaks, I realized I was actually giving up more by drinking than not. I started to become protective of how good I felt not drinking. Not everyone decides not to drink forever, but taking breaks from alcohol is like a superpower I want others to experience. 


We only get one life to live, one mind, one body, one soul....and I've realized life is too short to have the drink!  

Come on a journey of self-discovery through listening to my podcast and taking part in numerous Mastermind webinars where I'll share my experiences, best practices and teachings from the proven methodology of Annie Grace and This Naked Mind.  

My mission through this work is to help others reconnect with their own personal power, so that they may achieve and accomplish what is important to them in their lives and increase their overall sense of wellbeing and aliveness. My intention is for anyone who connects with my words and my experiences is to feel empowered and "in action" - creating their lives by design, rather than default. 


Through breaking down your self-limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can change your alcohol narrative. You can transform your life to get your zest back and awake your soul. My action-based podcast and webinars will give you steps to explore the healthy relationship with alcohol you desire to reach your goals with how you envision alcohol fitting into your life, or not. 

I truly believe going alcohol-free or taking a break from alcohol is the gateway to unleashing all your potential. It's the single most impactful domino that has the power to knock all other pieces of your life into place. My work will bring forth many topics spanning wellness and how we can evolve to live our best lives. 


You deserve to be the best version of YOU, without limits.

Ready to hear more? Subscribe now so I know you're interested! Can't wait to share more with you soon.  


  • I'm a certified This Naked Mind Life & Wellness Coach teaching the proven methodologies of Annie Grace

  • My training was completed through the This Naked Mind Institute and offers grace-led action-based coaching to help people transform their lives


  • I'm a professional, a spouse and a mom; a full-on "juggle all the things" person

  • I'm empathetic and have a deep desire to help others fast-track to a positive relationship with alcohol

  • I've been where you are, and was able to awake my soul

  • I want to share the super power that changed my life

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